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Immobilised Prozomix Biocatalysis Enzymes from CLEA




CLEA Technologies B.V. is an internationally recognised innovative leader in enzyme immobilisation and biocatalytic process development.  Originally founded to further develop and commercialise "Cross-Linked Enzyme Aggregates", a novel and proprietary enzyme immobilisation technology, today, with a wide range of R&D services, including other immobilisation technologies, CLEA Technologies is ideally suited to offer a comprehensive range of solutions in Biocatalysis.



A major challenge in industrial biotransformations is the development of a stable, robust and preferably recyclable biocatalyst for an acceptable price.  Immobilisation as Cross-Linked Enzyme Aggregate (CLEA) is highly attractive due to its simplicity, robustness and wide applicability.  The proprietary methodology to immobilise enzymes as a CLEA comprises precipitation of the enzymes followed by controlled covalent cross-linking, to yield the final advanced biocatalyst product. 




Combining the proven and powerful GRASP™ high-throughput novel biocatalyst development technology of Prozomix with the immobilisation technology of CLEA Technologies will lead to the commercial availability of a large variety of robust and recyclable enzyme preparations. The first fruit of success of this joint effort is evidenced by the availability of an off-the-shelf Nitrile Hydratase CLEA Panel. Moreover, CLEA Technologies can offer rapid custom immobilisation services for any enzyme (i.e. ketoreductases (KREDs) / alcohol dehydrogenases (ADHs), EREDs, P450s, nitrilases, etc) from the Prozomix range not yet available in immobilised form.

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