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Commercial Academic Partner (CAP) Referral Programme

Prozomix is proud of its respectful relationship with Academia. Simply said, we acknowledge that without the global academic researcher, our business model would not be viable. Our academic activities range from blue-skies university/industrial research grants into efficient biomass conversion, to our Commercial Academic Partner (CAP) Programme and CAP Referral Programme. These programmes evidence Prozomix’s pledge to respect the Academiome (i.e. the global academic resource), and all those who contribute to it.

The Prozomix CAP Programme enables the rapid and hassle-free commercialisation of clones encoding recombinant enzymes and proteins. The CAP Referrer plays a critical role in this process by introducing CAPs to Prozomix and in return receives a proportionate reward of 2.5% royalty-based payment on all sales for their efforts.