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Commercial Academic Partner (CAP) Programme

A Commercial / Academic PartnershipProzomix is proud of its respectful relationship with Academia.  Our academic activities range from blue-skies university / industrial research grants into efficient biomass conversion, to our Commercial Academic Partner (CAP) Programme.  Our CAP programme evidences Prozomix’s pledge to respect the Academiome (i.e. the global academic resource), and all those who contribute to it.

The Prozomix CAP Programme enables the rapid and hassle-free commercialisation of your clones encoding recombinant enzymes and proteins.  As your partner in this venture, we will perform and fund all aspects of production, purification, preparation / stabilisation, stocking, marketing, supply and support, and provide you with a generous 17.5% royalty-based payment on all sales.  All we need are approximately 2 µg of the expression vector, and a signed agreement with you / your organisation.

You do not even have to possess any expression vectors of your own to take advantage of the Prozomix CAP Programme.  If you contact a research scientist, or organisation, who then contact us and they acknowledge your referral, you will be eligible (see About the CAP Referral Programme).