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How does the Prozomix CAP Programme work?

  1. Click on the Commercial Academic Partnering button at the top of the Prozomix home page.
  2. Click on the Submit a CAP proposal.
  3. Paste the amino acid sequence of your proposed enzyme / protein into the Prozomix BLAST search box to compare with existing Prozomix products.
  4. If the BLAST result shows less than 95% identity to all members of our current enzyme range, then we are interested in commercialising it for you and you will be prompted for more details.
    NB. Alternatively if the identity is greater than 95% then the submission will be terminated automatically.  However, there will be instances where very small difference are of interest to Prozomix, such as in the case of site directed mutants.  In such cases please send us an email to CAP@prozomix.com explaining your justifications for commercialisation.
  5. Fill in the requested information regarding your enzyme / protein, yourself and your organisation.
  6. We will reply to you via email within 3 days regarding the outcome of a biological risk assessment and intellectual property (IP) search into your recombinant enzyme or protein and confirming our commitment to the commercialisation of your enzyme or protein.  This email will also contain an attachment of our “Standard Agreement”, and will be copied to your Technology Transfer (or equivalent) section of your organisation.
  7. When the completed agreement, along with approximately 2 µg of plasmid DNA (in liquid form in a 1.5 mL microtube) is received by Prozomix, we will agree to commercialise the proposed enzyme or protein within 3 months, assuming no unexpected / insurmountable technical or logistical issue(s) arise.
  8. When the enzymes are commercialised, the CAP will receive an annual 17.5% royalty on all sales.  This royalty of 17.5% for 10 years from the date of the agreement.
  9. As a CAP, you can track the royalties due from each of your commercialised enzymes or proteins and follow the progress of your enzymes or proteins under development, daily online, by way of the Track My Royalties and Track Progress of My Enzymes / Proteins options, respectively, on the CAP Interface.

Contact CAP@prozomix.com for further information.