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How does CAP Referral work?

  1. The CAP Referrer contacts a scientist or organisation and informs them about the Prozomix CAP Programme, directing them to the Commercial Academic Partnering tab on the Prozomix home page.
  2. During the submission of a CAP proposal the CAP will be asked if they have been referred to the CAP Programme, and by whom.
  3. You, as the CAP Referrer, will subsequently be notified by email and an agreement signed between yourself and Prozomix.
  4. When the enzymes are commercialised, you will receive an annual 2.5% royalty on all sales (NOTE: this will be a personal thank you from Prozomix, and thus no agreement will need to be put in place between you and your organisation. You will, of course, need to pay any taxes due on your personal royalty, just like any other income). The CAP will still receive their normal 17.5% royalty on all sales regardless of your royalty.
  5. The CAP Referrer will receive the royalty of 2.5% for 10 years from all sales from the products commercialised for the CAP and also 2.5% for 10 years from sales of any products subsequently commercialised with the CAP for life.
  6. As a CAP Referrer, you can track the royalties due from each of your CAPs daily online by way of the Track My Royalties options, respectively, on the CAP Interface.

Contact CAP@prozomix.com for further information.