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Prozomix Technology Snapshot

Biocatalysis Enzyme PanelsHistory: Prozomix has applied advanced proprietary GRASP™ high-throughput genome-mining technology specifically towards the development of novel / diverse panels of biocatalysis enzymes for over 6 years.  Over that time, many hits identified against very challenging processes in the areas of APIs, flavours/fragrances, food and health have witnessed commercial processes being established through direct scale-up and application of the native enzymes identified.  As the panels are designed to be as diverse as possible, some grew very large, as in the case of the KREDs, necessitating the further development of novel, rapid, cost-effective and yet high-throughput colorimetric assay formats such as kREDy-to-go (immediately welcomed / employed by the customer).  The customer also started requesting increased quantities of high-quality animal-free / BSE Certified biocatalysis enzymes with demanding lead-times.  In order to address this key area of the business,  in-house production capacity was increased to 10 kg of CFE powder per week; current investment is also being made in the area of novel continuous-flow fermentation, with the view of increasing enzyme production capacity by a further 10 to 100-fold, to deal with rising / any future demand.

Current Advanced R&D: Prozomix has always been intensively research active, and has been rewarded by support via numerous EU (FP7) and domestic (TSB) research grants.  The company also enjoys non-grant funded fundamental / applied collaboration with numerous academic and industrial partners.  Current major in-house research objectives include:

(1) Expansion of the Prozomix Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit, to comprise 10 further classes of enzyme in current demand, such as BVMOs, PALs/TALs, aldolases, etc.

(2) Development of scalable P450 genome-mining technology to satisfy very significant unmet demand for catalysts capable of specific organic molecule oxidations in mild conditions.

(3) Development of meta-GRASP (metagenomics-based) biocatalysis enzyme panels to afford increased biocatalyst diversity across all existing and future screening panels.

(4) Development of proprietary continuous-flow fermentation technology for the production of bulk recombinant proteins from bacterial expression hosts.

FINANCIAL MODEL - Screening and Buying Prozomix Biocatalysts: a proportion of the biocatalysis enzymes discovered by Prozomix are available under the original terms and conditions of the Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit Concept, where hits can be accessed by payment of a Permitted Use Fee (PUF).  After payment of the fee, the customer is free to produce as much of the enzyme themselves, or via third-party (for one single biotransformation of interest).  However, due to growth of the company, by 2014 the supply model migrated naturally towards Prozomix becoming the sole producer of the enzymes we discover.  Thus, while of course all historical agreements will be honoured, new customers can only (generally) sign-up to the model where Prozomix is the sole enzyme producer.  Additionally, existing customers also need to sign-up to the new model for all new enzymes released, be they expanded panels, or new panels.  All customers take advantage of standard list prices, meaning that no negotiation is required, and the costs of using any Prozomix enzyme are known from the very beginning (i.e. on a fixed price per g, kg, etc, basis).  Caveat - for customer peace of mind, should Prozomix not be able to supply a particular demand, a fair royalty agreement, or one-off payment will be agreed between the parties (please note, however, that this is not a route Prozomix will engage with generally).  For some industrial bulk chemical applications, where for instance whole-cell routes will be the only viable option, again, Prozomix will be open to alternative financial arrangements.

Applying for Collaborative Research Grants:   Prozomix will engage with other entities with respect  to applying for grants to support enzyme discovery research towards novel commercial application development.  Such research collaborations work best where the other party is an end-user but does not have the in-house capability to discover, develop and / or produce an enzyme(s) of interest.  Please direct any such queries to the Managing Director, Dr Simon Charnock (simon.charnock@prozomix.com).  Current sources of appropriate funding include calls from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and recently announced IB Catalyst (BBSRC/EPSRC/TSB), if you are located in the UK (for example IB Catalyst grant call see here).

Contract Manufacture: should a customer already have a biocatalyst of interest (or any recombinant protein in general of interest), a comprehensive range of enzyme development and contract manufacturing solutions are available from Prozomix, catering all the way to multi-ton scale.

For further information click on a link below or contact sales@prozomix.com:

"Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit Concept"

"GRASP" HT-genome mining technology

"meta-GRASP" HT-metagenome mining technology

Biocatalysis enzyme panels

"kREDy-to-go" KRED screening technology



!!!  New and exclusive  !!!


"FIFTYOD" - Fermenter-in-a-flask very high cell density growth medium optimised for E. coli BL21 


ADVANTAGES at a glance: 

achieve BL21 OD600 ~50 with ease
medium replaced if your OD600 <20
up to 750 mL in 2 L baffled flasks
use standard shakers at 140 rpm
growth at ambient laboratory °C
no additions or monitoring
no licence (just buy and use)
ready-to-use (just add water)
animal-free / BSE-TSE Certified
auto-induction or IPTG inducible
inexpensive / very cost-effective
cells sediment out rapidly
scaled production service
Can I try FIFTYOD for free?:  Whenever something seems too good to be true, it is only human nature to be sceptical, and indeed such scepticism is party behind the reason to launch FIFTYOD as an individual product available to all in the first place! Thus 1 L of FIFTYOD as a ready-to-use paste is offered "free" (see rest of this paragraph) to every laboratory (globally) that wishes to try it.  For such laboratories in the UK, the FIFTYOD and shipping will be entirely free.  For international laboratories, the FIFTYOD will be free, but the cheapest UPS shipping fee will apply (typically approx. 20 GBP), or it can be requested to use a customer's own shipping account with either UPS, DHL or FEDEX.

To request your free 1 L trial pack of FIFTYOD, please simply email sales@prozomix.com stating your name, full delivery address and add the remark - "FIFTYOD for free".  Shipments will be made immediately to UK addresses and existing international customers.  New international customers will be setup as new customers, to establish the invoice address for the shipping charges (30 days terms most countries). However, should a new international customer wish to use their own shipping account, and if these details are given in the original email along with the delivery address, then the FIFTYOD will also be shipped immediately, and no further administration will be required at that time (unless required by the new international customer's institution).

For further information click on the link below or contact sales@prozomix.com:

FIFTYOD Growth Medium

Why Prozomix?

Prozomix offers rapid, flexible, and cost-effective off-the-shelf advanced enzyme solutions for today's fundamental and applied customer.  Our products and services result from innovative in-house R&D activities, driven by GRASP™ proprietary technology.  Our focus is the development of emerging and future enzyme technologies, such as for Biocatalysis and the Biorefinery.  From a fundamental researcher looking for 1 mg of pure recombinant enzyme for a research experiment, to an industrial synthetic chemist requiring multi-ton quantities of enzyme for commercial API production, we either have the solution, or can rapidly develop one!

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