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» Nitrilase Panel (kit of 18 enzymes)

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  • PRO-NITRP-1 vial each
    1 vial each

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Nitrilase Panel (kit of 18 enzymes)

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~50-100 mg of each (as freeze-dried crude powder)

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 Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit

Individual nitrilase panel enzymes

In addition to purchasing the nitrilase panel of 18 biocatalysts, individual enzymes (see below) are available in both crude and pure form.


Obtaining expressing strains and plasmids for in-house / third-party production of nitrilase enzymes

E. coli expressing strains and plasmids for individual members of the Prozomix nitrilase biocatalyst panel can be obtained from Prozomix subject to the cost-effective Prozomix "Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit" concept agreement.  Copies of the agreement will be available for download from this webpage after this product is launched on the open market in mid/late 2011.


Obtaining bulk quantities of nitrilase enzymes

Bulk quantities (10 g to multi-ton scale) of any biocatalyst can be obtained from Prozomix, for a quotation and lead time for contract manufacture please contact sales@prozomix.com. For example, typical lead times for 10 g - 100 g scale are < 30 days.