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» kREDy-to-go (AKR/ADH; kit of 96 enzymes)

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  • PRO-AKRP(MTP)-1 assay per well
    1 assay per well

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kREDy-to-go (AKR/ADH; kit of 96 enzymes)

Pack Size:
1 x 96-well plate and 1 x 15 mL 0.25 mg/mL INT solution

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Protocol for screening KREDs using kREDy-to-go from Prozomix Download .pdf

Screening is very rapid and easy using kREDy-to-go, and many companies have discovered enzymes that have been immediately exploited in commercial processes, especially in the area of API synthesis.  All that is required is that 0.1 mL of the desired alcohol at 0.1 % (w/v or v/v) in 0.25 mg/mL INT solution (provided in the kit) is added to each well of the ready-to-use plate.  Then, if a well goes RED, it means the enzyme in that well is capable of producing the alcohol of interest.  If the alcohol of interest is chiral, and both enantiomers are available, two plates are set-up, one for each enantiomer.  Then if a well goes red with one of the enantiomers, but not the other, then you immediately know the enzyme identified is enantioselective.  Such enantioselectivity data is achieved in many cases in less than 60 min, and takes nothing more than a sheet of white paper and digital camera to collect the data over a simple time-course.  If available, semi-quantitative data can be recorded using a plate-reader, though this is not necessary!

After identifying enzymes of interest, these can be studied in traditional format by (chiral) HPLC/GC etc, by requesting 50 mg enzyme powder vials from Prozomix for just those enzymes of interest.  kREDy-to-go screening is thus fast, inexpensive, and does not require specialist equipment or staff trained in advanced methodologies. 

Obtaining expressing strains and plasmids for in-house / third-party production of Prozomix KREDs

E. coli expressing strains and plasmids for individual members of the Prozomix KREDs biocatalyst panel can be obtained from Prozomix subject to the cost-effective Prozomix "Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit" Concept agreement.

Obtaining bulk quantities of aldo-keto reductase enzymes

Bulk quantities (10 g to multi-ton scale) of any biocatalyst from the Prozomix biocatalysis toolbox can be obtained cost-effectively, for a quotation and lead time for contract manufacture please contact sales@prozomix.com.  For example, typical lead time for 10 g - 100 g is < 14 days.