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Industrial Enzymes

Industrial enzymes generally offer very high enzyme activities very cost-effectively.  These unpurified enzyme preparations, that often comprise many activities tailored to specific complex substrates, are thus especially suited to applied research.  Purchasing industrial enzymes in research quantities directly from the manufacturer can be, however, time consuming, expensive and involve long lead times.

The Prozomix range of off-the-shelf industrial enzymes overcomes these issues, by offering research quantities with next day delivery (UPS Express Saver) to most locations in the world.

Current range from Sinobios:

PRO-IE0001   Cellulase (powder)

PRO-IE0002   Pectase (liquid)

PRO-IE0003   Glucoamylase (powder) 

PRO-IE0004   Heat-stable Alpha-amylase (powder) 

PRO-IE0005   Bacterial Alpha-amylase (powder) 

PRO-IE0006   Phytase (powder) 

PRO-IE0007   Acid Protease (powder)

PRO-IE0008   Neutral Protease (powder) 

PRO-IE0009   Wheat Bioethanol Complex Enzyme Mixture (powder) 

PRO-IE0010   Corn Bioethanol Complex Enzyme Mixture (powder) 

PRO-IE0011   Cassava Bioethanol Complex Enzyme Mixture (powder) 

PRO-IE0012   General Bioethanol Complex Enzyme Mixture (powder) 

PRO-IE0013   Animal Feed Complex Enzyme Mixture (powder)


Current range from Sunson:

PRO-IE0021   Cellulase (powder)

PRO-IE0022   Phytase (granular) 

PRO-IE0023   Beta-glucanase (powder) 

PRO-IE0024   Xylanase (powder) 

PRO-IE0025   Neutral Protease (powder) 

PRO-IE0026   Acid Protease (powder)

PRO-IE0027   Glucoamylase (liquid) 

PRO-IE0028   Low Temperature Alpha-amylase (liquid) 

PRO-IE0029   Pectinase (liquid) 

PRO-IE0030   High Temperature Alpha-amylase (liquid) 

Should industrial quantities be desired, these can be either ordered directly from the manufacturer, whose contact details can be found on the respective product specification sheets, or via Prozomix (please send queries to sales@prozomix.com).

For any queries regarding the range of industrial enzymes, or highly purified recombinant enzymes, supplied by Prozomix, please email technical@prozomix.com.